8J0615423 AUDI TT Front Brake Caliper BUDWEG 343894


Part No.: BCM457

8J0615423 L
8J0615424 R
8J0615423C L
8J0615424C R
8J0615423F L
8J0615424F R
1K0615423E L
1K0615424E R
1K0615423F L
1K0615424F R

BUDWEG 343894
BUDWEG 343895
Wheel: Rear
Piston Dia: 38mm

Brake Caliper Application:
AUDI TT TFSi (8J3) Coupe 2.0 B 8/2006 – 6/2010
AUDI A3 TDi (8P1) Hatchback 1.6 D 5/2009 – 8/2012
VW Golf TSi (5K1) Hatchback 1.2 B 5/2010 – 11/2012
VW Polo GTi (9N_, 9A_) 1.8 B 9/2005 – 11/2009


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